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Dr. Durante has a passion for helping his patients acheive natural hair growth, using the most innovative technologies, including laser therapies. He maintains a long track record of hair restoration success and is considered the best of the best when it comes to restorative practices in renewed hair growth. Whereas other doctors perform hair restoration on the side as an extra service, Dr. Durante has made hair restoration the focus of his work.

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We've always wanted to make sure that on pair with healing the hair loss and balding issues, we also do our job in propagating the hair loss prevention as well!

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We've always wanted to make sure that on pair with healing the hair loss and balding issues, we also do our job in propagating the hair loss prevention as well!

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We offer several types of hair restoration services, including:

  • Low-laser laser therapy
  • Minimally-invasive hair transplants
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy
  • Restoring hair to your scalp, eyelashes and brows, and even your beard.
  • Trichology evaluations: a comprehensive exam of your hair and scalp, using physical and microscopic methods to determine how healthy your scalp is and what treatment plan will best achieve effective hair restoration results.

Hair transplant procedures using the NeoGraft automated system, a procedure known as a follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant and is suitable for both men and women who are suffering from excessive hair loss.

An effective treatment for natural hair restoration. The laser treatment increases cell metabolism and improves blood vessel health in your scalp, resulting in thicker, healthier hair shafts. The laser therapy is also effective at stimulating oil glands in your scalp, producing silky, shiny hair.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is an effective hair restoration treatment that uses your blood plasma to stimulate new hair growth.

These stem cells can improve the health of your hair follicles and stimulate the growth of thicker, healthier hair.

If you’re not getting the necessary vitamins as part of your diet, our doctor will consult and may recommend using dietary supplements to support good nutritional health. Supplements may be especially important if you have other health conditions that limit your body’s ability to absorb vitamins properly, including Crohn’s disease and celiac disease.

You may also work with him to improve your daily diet, incorporating more whole, fresh foods that contain essential vitamins to promote healthy hair growth.

CoolSculpting is an innovative procedure that allows us to successfully freeze and eliminate stubborn fat without the need for surgery. CoolSculpting helps you get rid of excess fat you can’t eliminate through diet and exercise.

The CoolSculpting system uses precisely controlled cooling technology that targets and freezes fat cells underneath your skin. The fat cells die off, and your body eliminates them naturally over time through the normal waste process.

As the system destroys fat cells for good, your body gradually becomes more sculpted in appearance, giving you long-lasting results.


Wow! That is how I would have to describe the NeoGraft procedure that I had done. After I left the office I did not have to take any pain medication, and aside from wanting to itch the graft area. I am 44 years old and was balding in the crown area and have already had friends comment on the difference and it has only been 4 weeks!

Michael C.

Savannah, GA

Dr. Keith Durante was unequivocally the best hair replacement specialist for my personal project. He was creative in his work and followed through with all promises until the job was done and I was completely satisfied. Most importantly the workmanship was excellent as evident with many people who are marveling at my new hair.

Edward J Finnegan


After my consultation, I was completely convinced that Neo Graft was the right solution for me. No scarring, not painful, and very seamless. I had complete confidence in Dr. Durante and his team of specialists. The procedure was done with exacting care and I was able to resume normal activities within a few days.


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