Personalized Care
At the Ash Center, we understand that you may have a specific problem that bothers you the most. Our patient-first approach lets you describe your condition to us in detail so that we can target the problem at the source. This unique approach along with our world-class and thorough diagnostics and multi-disciplinary approach is what helps us excel at what we do.

We give you all our attention so that your problem is analyzed in detail, covering even the minutest aspects of the condition to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Our targeted packages use a holistic healing approach that is targeted and acts at the cellular level, providing lasting relief.

Ash Anti-aging and Longevity

The Ash anti-aging and longevity package aims at improving your quality of life by preventing Telomeric end repeat exhaustion using state of the art healthcare management. Our package promotes optimal health, decelerating aging and enhancing longevity.

Hormone balance package

Our thorough diagnostics ensure that we are able to help you maintain an optimal hormonal balance in your body using personalized data, leading to optimal endocrine activity and a healthier you.

Autoimmune package

We ensure that nothing is overlooked. Our thorough diagnostics and patient information acquisition method ensures that we are able to detect and help manage subclinical autoimmune conditions.

Thyroid Package

Our Thyroid package is aimed at uncovering any clinical and subclinical endocrine conditions, ensuring optimal T3 and T4 hormonal function at the body and tissue level.

Ash Beauty Package

The multi-faceted approach employed at the Ash center leverages the knowledge of our skin experts and dermatologists to ensure radiant, supple skin. Our methodology reduces skin exhaustion and improves skin, soul and tissue function by using real data and established techniques to deliver outstanding results.

Ash Weight loss

Weight loss should not be invasive. At the Ash Center, we combine state-of–the-art technologies with minimally invasive techniques to ensure efficient yet sustainable and swift, completely natural weight loss that boosts self-confidence.

Ash brain

Our world-class neurological health techniques ensure that we provide the best brain health care in all the aspects. Combining cutting edge diagnostics with our unique multidisciplinary approach, we approach identified conditions at the causal factors, ensuring that your brain health is swift, sustained and result oriented.


Being energetic is necessary to enjoy life. Our restorative approach works at the neurological, cellular and holistic levels to ensure that you feel fresh and energetic day in and out, enjoying life to the fullest.


Hypersensitivities cause stress. We provide state of the art diagnostics with a multidisciplinary approach to reduce immune hypersensitivity of all four types, with zero compromise on proper immune function and symbiotic.
Alternative Treatments
Alternative therapies challenge traditional allopathic medicine by providing relief when all else fails. However, the key to longevity and anti-aging lies in the early detection of conditions. Our journey together will encompass the repair, rejuvenation and augmentation of the anti-aging process that will ensure longevity and holistic health.


Our chiropractors apply the most modern techniques available to treat disorders of the spine, osteopathic and soft tissue problems, providing maximal relief that lasts.


Lint is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment that stimulates the endorphins in your body to elevate themselves to their highest levels, leading to a reduction in pain and stress relief.

MLS (Multiwave locked system)

MLS Laser Therapy is a patented emission system created to achieve an efficient and simultaneous effect on pain, contracture, inflammation, and edema within a short period of time. These therapeutic wavelengths are nontoxic, targeted and enhance our natural healing mechanisms, providing quick and lasting relief from edema, pain and inflammation.


This ancient technique for healing and pain relief is highly sought after, but requires skilled practitioners to be effective. Our experienced and highly skilled acupuncturists apply this technique with highest efficiency that provides quick pain relief and enhanced healing.

IV therapy

Our IV therapy is a combination of the most potent supplements, detox agents and minerals available today, that provide optimal energy, detoxification, and chelation. This therapy also reduces radical oxide levels to ensure optimal tissue health and help maintain high energy levels at all times.

Stem cells

Our sophisticated and highly advanced techniques in stem cell therapy cover stem cell implants and DHACM. This technique not only replenishes the pool of stem cells but also enhances resident stem cell activation and proliferation.
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