To our Dearest Patients,

With deep sorrow and overwhelming heartbreak, we regretfully share the news of the premature passing of our beloved Dr. Richard Ash.

On Friday, December 25th, Dr. Ash passed away tragically as a result of unexpected complications following a routine medical procedure.

Dr. Ash will be remembered for so many contributions to the world and the medical community, including his unique approach to “being sick and tired of being sick and tired”, combining cutting edge diagnostic approaches with comprehensive functional testing to identify and treat the root causes of many common and uncommon ailments.

Family, friends, colleagues, patients, and all who wish to join are invited to attend a memorial service for Dr. Ash at 2:00pm on Tuesday, January 12th, 2016 in the main sanctuary of Temple Emanu-El, 1 East 65th St, New York, NY.

No one can replace Dr. Ash. The Ash Center for Comprehensive Medicine’s progressive treatment and patient care will continue with the oversight and guidance of Dr. Ash’s dearest friend and colleague, Anthony Lyon, MD a world renowned physician, and the leadership of Rachel Ash and family. They together will assemble a team of several excellent world class physicians and specialists who will continue the care, quality, and philosophies of Dr. Ash.

The office is open per usual business operating hours. Please rest assured that your ongoing patient care and treatment protocols will continue without interruption. We will be contacting patients to reconfirm your appointments as we usually do, and to address any questions you may have.

We appreciate your love and support during this difficult time. In lieu of flowers:

With love,
Rachel Ash & The Ash Center staff



A New Paradigm in Purity, Quality and Bioavailability


Virtually everyone needs vitamin and mineral supplements. Environmental pollution and poor diet have increased our need for nutrients at the same time that intensive farming, depleted soils and processed foods have reduced the nutrient content of food. A national diet survey by the U.S. Department of Agriculture showed that none of the 21,500 people tested were obtaining the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) for all the common nutrients measured. Previous studies yielded similar results, showing that most Americans are deficient in one or more essential vitamins and minerals. Even more striking is the RDA insufficient only to avoid obvious deficiency diseases in most people.

These are bold statements. few are aware of these facts, studies conducted by eminent scientists have confirmed that, in order to maintain optimum health, daily nutrient intake should be higher than RDA levels. To restore health, the amount of nutrients required is even higher. Chronic definciancy in even one of the 50+ required nutrients sets the stage for disease. Required nutrients are those which our bodies do not produce on their own, and must be acquired from external sources such as food.

Though Americans are reportedly eating more than ever before, they are not necessarily getting more nutrients. Mild to moderate, and even severe, nutritional deficiency is rampant – and is a major reason why 2 out of 3 Americans have a chronic disease. Unfortunately, even those currently taking traditional vitamin and mineral supplements may still not be getting the nutrition their bodies need to function optimally.

Vitamins that Work

Fortunately, PURE ESSENTIALS® has a solution. Our unique formulas and delivery system will change the way you think about nutritional enhancement. Improving your health through supplementation may seem as simple as taking a pill, but, we assure you, getting better health from a pill is not easy. The two most important criteria for nutritional supplements are:

  • The vitamin, mineral, and active elements are actually utilized by the cells that need them.
  • Nothing that could be harmful is present.

Most vitamin pills fail miserably to meet these basic criteria because their bioavailability is limited and the ingredients are not pure enough. Very few products on the market excel at meeting both criteria and hardly any deliver the potency, bioavailability and purity required to actually enhance health. Pure Essentials was developed to remedy this problem. Offering a new level of purity and efficacy, Pure Essentials is so technologically advanced, it represents a whole new class of fully active essentials – a new breakthrough in human nutrition. Simply put, Pure Essentials is different because it works.

After concluding that most existing supplements were ineffective and unhelpful, a group of renowned scientists studying cellular biochemistry decided they could create a better vitamin. “But how,” they asked themselves, “do you formulate an oral supplement that will arrive at and be utilized by a target cell, while doing no harm in the process?” Using recent advances in molecular and cellular chemistry, they answered that question and successfully bioengineered a new kind of supplement: the unique Pure Essential formula.

Pure Essentials is one of the few supplements in the world to be truly bioengineered. Unlike many other nutritional products, Pure Essentials contains ingredients of exceptional purity, combined in biologically correct proportions, along with the natural transporters and cofactors needed to maximize their biologic activity. The result—Pure Essentials functions more like a concentrated food than a typical supplement.

The bioavailability path from mouth to cell is a complex one. As in a maze, if the path is not correct, the nutrients will never reach their destination, meaning they will not be used by a cell. A vitamin pill must first dissolve within 30 minutes for the nutrients to be available for absorption into the blood stream and then transported to a target cell. Finally, uptake and use by the target cell must also occur. As you can see, cellular activity requires successful completion of a series of biochemically complex events. If a nutrient’s journey from mouth to cell is like a triathlon, only Pure Essentials has the proven potency and delivery system to get the athlete to the finish line by providing maximum bioavailability at the cellular level.


There are about 2400 vitamin brands in the U.S., but not all are created equal. Dramatically illustrating this fact, NBC’s “Today” show aired an expose on vitamins in November of 1990. “Today” reported that 36% of all the vitamin brands they tested did not dissolve in time to be of use to the body. The truth is, dietary supplement manufacturers do not need FDA approval before producing or selling their products. Therefore, vitamins need not be manufactured to pharmaceutical standards or tested for bioavailability.

As if the lack of consistent standards and regulation were not problematic enough, many manufacturers buy their raw material from exactly the same sources, at the same level of food grade or USP grade purity. However, “food grade” does not mean pure. Often, these ingredients contain many inert chemical analogs or processing contaminants. These contaminants interfere with bioavailability by binding up transport molecules and receptor sites, preventing the real nutrients from being metabolized. Even the best vitamin brands can be anywhere from
30-70% biochemically incorrect and are, therefore, of no use to cells.

Minerals, for instance, need to be in the form of specific amino acid complexes to be efficiently transported and used by cells. Most formulas use cheap inorganic mineral forms such as sulfates, phosphates and carbonates, while others use inexpensive mixtures of amino acids. Their labels will read “amino acid chelate,” “aminoate,” or “proteinate” without listing a specific biologic transporter. Using these chemicals keeps costs down, but they are low in useful biologic activity, and can be detrimental due to the use of soy, milk, or egg derived ingredients that can cause allergic reactions and adversely affect the immune system.

Many other factors can reduce a supplement’s potency and bioavailability, such as exposure to heat, light, and air during manufacturing. In addition, many vitamin formulations are internally unstable because ingredients react with each other, and potency decreases during manufacturing and storage. Many formulas are also metabolically unbalanced in that they don’t consider the need for synergy between different components or account for different rates of absorption and utilization. Sometimes these poorly formulated products will even cause stomach upsets and vitamin taste reflux. In the dietary supplement industry, toxicity is as much of a problem as lack of potency. The majority of vitamins are inexpensive synthetics ultimately derived from petroleum. These products may contain toxic petroleum residues and often lack the natural cofactors present in food that promote bioavailability. Additionally, they contain a high percentage of molecules that are biologically incorrect for use by cells. Every ingredient in a supplement is available in a number of different forms and degrees of purity. Most manufacturers use the lowest acceptable purity levels simply because they are inexpensive. Unfortunately, these chemicals have limited biologic activity, and often contain contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, organic solvents and a variety of other toxic chemicals. Vitamins labeled as “natural” offer only limited hope for better performance. These are seldom as pure and active as they should be, and most are derived from highly allergenic food sources such as corn, fish, oil, soy, wheat, dairy and eggs. They usually contain residual contaminants from the manufacturing process, and often contain other contaminants such as pesticides. Some “natural” vitamins are only 10% natural and 90% synthetic, yet there is no regulation in place to prevent these products from being labeled as natural. Other potential sources of allergens and toxins include the binders, fillers, lubricants, flow agents, coloring agents, and excipients which most vitamins contain.

Clearly, few supplement brands can be trusted to deliver the utmost in purity and efficacy—yet, the demand for truly natural, effective dietary supplements continues to grow. Given the deficiencies inherent in the Standard American Diet, it can safely be stated that nearly all Americans need vitamin and mineral supplementation. Fortunately, Pure Essentials technologically advanced formulas offer you the very best in quality, value, and effectiveness. Unlike other supplements, you will feel the difference when you take Pure Essentials.

The PURE ESSENTIALS Health Maintenance System represents a new breakthrough in nutrition, and is a unique resource for those interested in attaining or maintaining health.

Purchase pure essentials feel the difference

PURE ESSENTIALS is unique and superior because:

  • PURE ESSENTIALS excludes all harmful contaminants.
  • PURE ESSENTIALS is metabolically balanced.
  • PURE ESSENTIALS dissolves within 15 minutes, ensuring better assimilation of nutrients.
  • PURE ESSENTIALS ingredients are technologically unique, and come from special laboratories which excel in preparing exceptionally pure materials.
  • PURE ESSENTIALS is manufactured to Specifications that meet or exceed the highest pharmaceutical standards.
  • PURE ESSENTIALS ingredients are 100% biologically correct and include natural transporters and cofactors to aid in transport, uptake and metabolism of the nutrients. As a result, PURE ESSENTIALS functions more like a concentrated food, delivering real benefits faster and more effectively than other nutritional supplements.

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