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Our lives today are fast paced and extremely busy, leaving us with no time for ourselves. We put our health and wellness on the backburner, while focussing on our careers and adapting to the world around us. This leads to the health issues we face later in life.

As stress and bodily neglect take their toll on us, we start suffering from chronic illnesses that have now started occurring much earlier in life. Even though our life expectancy has gone up, our ability to live life to the fullest in these years has decreased exponentially.

The Ash Circle of Wellness offers a well-rounded, holistic health package designed with you in mind. Our customized signature protocols use cutting edge technology and biologic medicine to unravel the etiology of the symptoms manifested by your body. This helps us formulate a targeted, individualized health plan that is optimized for you.
Our simple and methodical steps process prepares you for your holistic healing journey.
Here are the simple steps!
Step 1
Personal Interactions
No two people are the same. The purpose of our holistic healing programmes is to ensure that the care you get is personalized and individualized. What may provide excellent results for you might not help another with similar problems. As your lifestyle, stress levels, allergies and the medications you take differ, so will our treatment regime. You will be granted access to our proprietary Ash App that will assist you in this process. We may ask you a lot of questions, but rest assured - all of these questions are extremely important.
Step 2
Advanced Integrated Lab Testing
Our experienced phlebotomists take a blood sample from you to run our customized advanced panels that are analysed thoroughly to screen for food sensitivity, the presence of heavy metals, your cardiac health, your metabolism, inflammations, immunity markers, sexual health and more. Along with these, we run sleep and stress tests and a host of other testing regimes as our team may feel necessary to ensure that we capture every little detail we need.
Step 3
Medical history and records
With your permission, we gather your medical records to analyse them in totality so that nothing is overlooked.
Step 4
A visit to the center
Although we know a lot about you by now, we would still want you to meet your clinicians. Our nutritionists and dieticians will instruct our kitchens to prepare a wholesome breakfast and lunch for you, while our doctors perform a series of functional assessments on you. We will be running a thorough physical exam, gathering details about your body composition. Our mental health specialists will run tests that will help you understand your cognitive abilities in a fun, interesting way.

Your nutritionists and dieticians will discuss your eating habits, likes and dislikes so that your meals at the centre are both enjoyable and wholesome.

Your lifestyle coach and your exercise physiologists will understand your daily routine and curate a an exercise regime that is tailor made for you.

The Ash center not only acts as a wellness center, but as a sanctuary for holistic healing and optimum health.
Step 5
Sensitivity Tests
The Ash center’s customized tests for sensitivity will analyse how alkaline your body is and the ill-effects that toxic environments and food have had on you. The results from this assessment is usually eye-opening.
Step 6
Customized Plan
Every individual is different. That is why your clinical team reviews each aspect of your health collectively and comprehensively, integrating all aspects to ensure precision results for you.

Each aspect of the analysis is explained to you in detail and your new holistic health regime is formulated. All recommendations and plans we provide are unique, tailor-made for you. We will address all your health goals in an integrative way. From here, you kickstart your journey towards optimum health. Whether it is a cardiac health issue or weight loss regimes or sleep and stress management, we will ensure that each aspect of your health receives individualized attention and meticulous planning and thorough attention to detail. As you are well informed about each aspect of your body and the problems you face, you start understanding that you are the best doctor for yourself.
Step 7
To get you to be your best
Armed with all the information you need, you will be ready for a change that will last a lifetime! According to the plan that you select, we will act as your medical concierge service, helping you to create personalized diet charts and finding the best personal trainer for you. Your friend in need, the Ash App will keep you connected with your clinical team at all times. With all your data, medical records, training videos and photos in one place, you will also be able to get the best results possible from our telemedicine facilities. With your Doctor, Nutritionist, Life style coach and Health Coach at your disposal,
You will be a part of “The Ash Circle of Wellness”, for a change that will last a lifetime!
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