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Discover a home for optimal health and well-being through environmentally friendly lifestyle products, organic foods & the highest quality vitamins for a more sustainable existence.

Sag Harbor, NY- wellNEST is a unique experience where a healthier way of living is not only good for you, but looks good too. Nestled in the village of Sag Harbor, wellNEST brings people together to share a journey of sustainable health and overall wellbeing.

wellNEST offers a wide array of nutraceutical vitamins from renowned doctor and healing specialist, Richard Ash, MD. Additionally, wellNEST houses a gallery of beautiful, eco-practical housewares, personal care items, handmade wooden eyeglasses and the finest cold-pressed organic juices, juice cleanses and raw food delicacies on the East End.

Since wellNEST opened its doors, its mission has been to welcome you and your families into a “Nest” where a
knowledgeable, warm staff shares vital information regarding how you and your family can live a better life- from the
inside out.

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Who we are

It started with Richard Ash, MD, a New York City Internist. Through his difficult battle with Inflammatory Arthritis, he discovered his body began to reject toxic medications prescribed to him. He sought a better way to heal – through altering his body’s PH balance and monitoring hypersensitivity reactions to his everyday diet and environment. That transformation changed both his life and the way he practiced medicine. He founded The Ash Center in New York and, since then, has been educating the public for 17 years through appearances and on his radio talk show, “Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired” on WOR 710AM.

Richard Ash, MD believes that healing alternatives ought to be made accessible to everyone and therefore Founded wellNEST. Through his passion and commitment to natural healthy living, a new movement, wellNEST, was born.

Maureen Dodd at Wellnest


Maureen has been lovingly serving and teaching through the vehicles of Vinyasa yoga, sacred movement and meditation for the last 20 years. A spiritual mentor & lifestyle guide, Kripalu certified yoga teacher, Ayurvedic & therapeutic bodyworker, Sufi, Alchemical artist and gifted inspirational speaker with numerous trainings in a full range of yogic traditions – Maureen’s continued endeavors have coalesced to create a signature Bhakti yoga and Spiritual mentoring style that inspires real and lasting change. Her group classes and one-to-one spiritual mentoring sessions are characterized by high transformative energy, compassionate healing, inspirational music & movement, deep relaxation and an abundance of joy, laughter and emotional release. Maureen’s ntention is to align each individual with their true essence, releasing negative habitual patterns of thought and physical expression -allowing an energy of transformation and an expansion of consciousness, so that …life becomes sacred, the body becomes a temple and life itself becomes a growthful dance towards”oneness with the divine within.”

The Nest

It’s no surprise this haven of healing would need a unique space to call home. The site: a historic fishing captain’s house built in Sag Harbor in the 1750s. It features original timber beams, uneven floors, surprising nooks and crannies, and, as many will attest, a very friendly ghost. After stripping the home to expose its humble beauty, the quaint white house continues to sit on the idyllic main thoroughfare of the small fishing village. wellNEST is truly a special addition to the community. It continues to symbolize the temple of our bodies and the sustainability and balance of life we all strive to achieve.


Please feel free to stop by.
Our doors are open (even in the winter).

To find out more, please contact:

Emily Keogh
125 Main Street, Sag Harbor, New York 11963

T (631) 899 4600
F (631) 899 4602

They got better - and so can you

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